Unbundled Legal Services

What are unbundled legal services? Several years ago the Florida Supreme Court allowed attorneys in family cases to represent clients in only certain phases of their divorce or family law case. This is accomplished by the attorney, with the client's consent, filing a limited notice of appearance for the specific legal service for which the client retains the attorney. For example, if there is a motion for contempt for nonpayment of child support or alimony, an evidentiary hearing, a motion for temporary benefits, a mediation, a trial, a hearing the attorney can file a limited notice of appearance only for that matter, and then terminate the representation.

The big advantage of this for the client is that the client does not have to pay  a big retainer or continued big fees to an attorney  for representation in all phases of the case.  If your funds are limited,  and you do not wish to represent yourself  pro se on difficult  motions or courtroom procedures that require legal expertise, you can save big money by hiring  Michael Lechtman  for that procedure only. For example,  if a typical retainer for a divorce case with children, property, and behavioral issues  might be $5000,  you might only have to pay a small fraction of that for quality legal representation  at the first phase of the case, in order to prepare proper pleadings  or argue at a difficult hearing.  Thereafter, while the case goes to its discovery phase , and perhaps a mediation, you may not need to continue  paying an attorney for these things, as you could  probably represent yourself  without doing any damage at all to your case.  If the case should be set for mediation, and you feel uncomfortable  representing yourself at mediation, you can rehire Michael Lechtman  to come back into the case and represent you by the filing a new limited notice of appearance.

The unbundled legal services concept is an excellent way for a client with limited funds to obtain quality representation only for the important parts of the case, salient proceedings in the case which could make the difference between winning and losing. For example, you may have worked up a very complicated case mainly by yourself, or with the occasional assistance of an attorney, but now the case is coming up for a full-blown trial, and you are at a complete loss as to what to do next. Under the unbundled services concept, you could hire  Michael  Lechtman to prepare for and represent you at the trial, relieving you of all the stress and doubt, in order to help you conclude your case  with a far greater potential for success.

If you have limited funds,  and you want to get  the "biggest bang for your buck," you should consider calling Michael Lechtman at 305-652-9500 , and inquire  about his  unbundled legal services offering,  which could greatly help you achieve success in your case,  while spending a minimal amount of funds on attorneys fees to get there.
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