Same-Sex Divorce

Attorney Michael Lechtman stays on top of new developments in the law, constantly reviewing new statutes and cases in the area of family law. The law in the state of Florida is changing. No longer is gay marriage to be banned but, rather, welcomed. Therefore, same-sex divorce is legal in Florida because the statute banning it has been determined to be unconstitutional by the courts. Starting January 6, 2014, this will be the law in Florida.

This means that if you are in a same-sex marriage or union from a state other than Florida (and soon to be, Florida), and if you meet the Florida residency requirements, then you can get divorced in Florida. Unique issues of family law will arise in such a case, such as child custody and visitation, alimony, and property division, to name a few. If you find yourself in this new and unique legal position, you will need an attorney with the experience and knowledge of attorney Michael Lechtman to handle your case. In addition to being an experienced attorney, Michael Lechtman has a Masters degree in psychotherapy, and his background in this field can greatly assist you in obtaining better results, quicker, and with less psychological damage to all parties involved. Finances are important, too, and Michael Lechtman will always put forth the maximum effort in your case to obtain for you the best possible result.

 Within the past year,  Michael Lechtman  has handled  the first  gay divorce  proceeding  in South Florida.   Surprisingly, the uncontested divorce case worked  its way through the  court system  without much notice.  Even the local newspapers  did not give the case  much press , although a reporter  for the Miami Herald  was interested in the case.   What they should point out to anyone who is interested in obtaining  a same-sex divorce  is that  it has now become the state of the law  that such a divorce is no different  than  any heterosexual divorce.   They should relieve any additional stress or anxiety  in a person  who is seeking  a same-sex divorce.   There will be nofanfare or undue publicity  which might cause  emotional distress.   If you are interested in a same-sex divorce, you should consider the attorney  who has pioneered it in South Florida  to diligently represent your interests  in a smooth and professional manner , Michael  Lechtman.

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