Reflective Speaking

Reflective Speaking a new way to speak fluent English in just 5 easy lessons based on your context and setting at any given moment. Reflective Speaking allows you to speak English intelligently and with a perfect American accent, even if you have little or no understanding of English. What you say is based on the context and setting you are in. The confidence you gain with this method will allow you to converse fluently in a very short period of time.

Reflective Speaking is the other side of the coin of reflective listening. Although little attention is paid to reflective speaking in psychology, a great deal of attention is placed on reflective listening. In fact, entire courses in graduate psychology study are based upon reflective listening. Reflective listening forms the basis of the main method of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, “talk therapy.” In the process of reflective listening, the listener, in most cases the psychotherapist ( or a good boss) will reflect back to the client thoughts and ideas that the client has expressed.

For example, a client may say this to the therapist: "I've just been all over the place lately. I can't seem to get my thoughts together. It's almost as if I don't exist and no one pays any attention to me." The therapist will then reflect back to the client with something such as this: "So, you're feeling as if you’re transparent and that you are being minimized socially."

It is truly amazing how this little bit of "insight" reflected back by the therapist lets the client know that the therapist really and truly understands her. In reality, however, all the therapist is doing is repackaging what the client has said and reflecting it back to the client. Even though this may seem simplistic, it works very well to establish communication in a psychotherapy setting, and, more importantly, it works fantastically in everyday life and social discourse.

Let's get back to Reflective Speaking. Reflective Speaking has never been utilized in the teaching of English to non-English speakers. Nor has it ever been part of the format in teaching any language, although you can see it’s use in “sound bites” spoken by politicians and celebrities when they are interviewed on television. The major language schools that everyone is familiar with, such as Rosetta Stone and Berlitz, do not and cannot use the method of Reflective Speaking without first being authorized to do so. Therefore, the only method by which you can learn English rapidly, and speak like you were born in the USA is through the method of Reflective Speaking. With Reflective Speaking, you do not have to learn a new alphabet; you do not have to learn vocabulary; you do not have to conjugate verbs; you do not have to stare at mysterious pictures of things and wonder and stumble at how to describe them in a new language. You do not have to be made to feel like a child because of your language deficiency, no matter what the setting or occasion. After practicing the Reflective Speaking method, it will all come to you, naturally.

Just as reflective listening is based upon the context and setting of the listener, Reflective Speaking is based upon the context and setting of the speaker. You will be able to speak English (or any other language you desire) by reciting words, phrases, sentences, and sentence combinations that will be appropriate for what the listener desires to hear, based upon the context and setting in which you and the listener are.

For example, let's take a job interview setting. You have come to a company office seeking a job for which you have already replied, and perhaps submitted a resume of yourself. You are frightened and nervous, and you just know that you will not understand most, if not everything, the boss is going to say to you. It doesn't make any difference! The boss wants to hear what he desires (the reverse of reflective listening, remember?). So, after you have mastered the method of Reflective Speaking, you will be able to say, with a perfect American accent, exactly what it is the boss wants to hear. You will get the job, and based upon what English you have already learned, you will be able to function well in that job.

Let's say once you have the job, you have are having difficulties in certain areas of it because of your lack of English. Whatever areas you are having trouble with can easily be corrected through the method of Reflective Speaking by obtaining a specific lesson customized exactly for your needs. Specific and customized lessons can be used for any occasion, such as a wedding, a bar mitzvah, an office party, or a day at the beach. You will be able to tell jokes, use idioms and colloquialisms, as if you were born in Kansas.

You have come to America to start a better life for yourself and perhaps your family. Why not become part of the American Melting Pot today, after your first lesson. Don't wait years to get ahead to become part of the American dream. Start your dream today by contacting Reflective Speaking at Finish the basic course, and then let us customize a program especially made for your needs.

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