Pro se assistance and office conferences

Divorce cases can become very expensive, especially if any of the issues are contested and require court hearings, depositions, financial discovery and analysis, and legal research.  Almost 70% of all divorce cases now pending in the Florida courts include one or more of the parties representing themselves, pro se. Michael Lechtman has become increasingly aware of the need for people who cannot afford a full-time lawyer on their case, and who would like to represent themselves in the case, but they are stuck and frozen over the law, procedures in court, and the tactics of an opposing attorney.

Therefore, Michael Lechtman  has devised a way where the average person with limited funds  can still potentially be successful in his/her case.  For a nominal fee you can bring all of your court papers to the office of  Michael Lechtman and have a sit-down conference with him or his associate  to evaluate your case, to give learned  instructions on the next step or steps  that need to be taken in the case,  and assistance in preparing the necessary motions and documents  to accomplish success.  Many people find  this type of legal advice and direction  invaluable to them if they are representing themselves, pro se.  If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer  for your divorce case,  and you feel that you can adequately represent yourself in court , but that you are stuck over certain issues, feel free to call Michael Lechtman at 305-652-9500 to schedule  an office conference to review your case  and obtain the  law, direction, and strategy that you might need  to be successful,  while at the same time saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Stop wasting your time going down the list of divorce attorneys  from the Yellow Pages or the Internet and  trying to ask isolated questions that will only confuse you more.  If you are going to do it yourself, you may as well do it correctly and increase your chances for success ,while at the same time saving valuable funds that would otherwise be spent on an attorney.

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