North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, Florida

Attorney Michael Lechtman has been practicing family law in the same location for over 40 years. The experience he has gained in this lengthy and successful career is invaluable to any client he represents in the area of family law. These areas include: divorce, parental responsibility, time-sharing and visitation, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of property, modifications, and stepparent and family adoption. There is no substitute for experience. In most cases Michael Lechtman can accomplish for client at a much lower cost what a less experienced attorney might accomplish in far more time and expense. Knowledge of the law and knowledge of people's desires in applying the law are what distinguish Michael Lechtman from the run-of-the-mill family lawyer in North Miami Beach.

Attorney Michael Lechtman knows North Miami Beach, and North Miami Beach knows him. He started out his law career there in 1974 as an assistant city attorney, and beginning in 1975 has been in the private practice of law in virtually the same location in North Miami Beach, concentrating mainly in the areas of divorce and family law. Mr. Lechtman has recently renovated his freestanding law building and offices, for easy access and client comfort. You park your car in a private parking lot and walk straight into the reception room. There is no commotion or waiting for elevators, as everything is on street level. You will be greeted immediately by friendly and knowledgeable staff with no waiting. Although an appointment can be easily made by calling Mr. Lechtman at 305-652-9500, a telephone number he has had since 1978, you are still welcome to stop by Mr. Lechtman's beautiful office building for a quick chat about your legal situation. Or, just stop by to have a cup of coffee and see his beautiful hometown law office.

Going through a divorce or other family law problem is always traumatic. Why not help ease the emotional trauma today by calling attorney Michael Lechtman at 305-652-9500 for a telephone consultation about your legal family law problem. When hiring an attorney you should be able to feel that you are relying on someone who lives in your hometown and has experience with the way your town operates. You should be entitled to have a hometown feeling in all phases of your case. That is the feeling you will get with Mr. Lechtman, who not only has a law degree but has a Masters degree in psychotherapy, worked for and gotten specifically in order to better help his family law clients, not just with the law but with emotional problems that are sure to arise during the course of any case.

There is a certain respect that develops over time for an experienced attorney. This respect comes not only from length of service as an officer of the court, but also from the opposing attorneys you will be facing during the course of your litigation. Your case should not be an expensive, knocked down and dragged out fight over immature personalities. It should be handled by amateur attorney who has the experience to get it done correctly and swiftly. It should be an experience where you can expect the best result with the least amount of litigation and the legal expense. This can only be obtained by a lawyer with the necessary experience and easy to access office in pleasant surroundings. If you would like to find out more about the legal situation you may find yourself in now, or even if you are contemplating a divorce in the future, it is best to call attorney Michael Lechtman at 305-652-9500 today. Or, if you are in the neighborhood, stop in to say hello to Mr. Lechtman's friendly staff. Mr. Lechtman is available in the office, he will be happy to step out and shake your hand and say hello.

When you come to our drive-by the law office of Michael Lechtman, which is located at 1991 NE 195th Dr. There is an old saying that "Time heals all wounds." But sometimes that period of time can seem unending. Why not contact your hometown family lawyer, Michael Lechtman, rely on his experience and sensitivity to your needs, and begin to resolve your family law problems immediately? Your hometown attorney has been there for more than 40 years, specifically to help you get through a hard time in your life, and come out whole. Attorney Michael Lechtman will treat your case as if it is the only one he is handling, and you will feel comfortable and safe in his legal care. You will know what the best possible outcome is for your situation, and you can rely on the certainty that Michael Lechtman will take you to that outcome in the quickest and least expensive manner possible, so that you can have the rest of your time and money to bring your life back to normal. Call today at 305-652-9500.

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