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There are so many south Florida attorneys to choose from. Does it really make a difference?

Yes. Your choice of lawyer will play a significant role in whether your legal problem will be resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner, rather than evolving into protracted and expensive litigation. The family law and multi-practice law office of Michael Lechtman, P.A., has created this website not only to give potential clients an overview of his services, but also to show his experience, resources, and results on behalf of south Florida individuals and families struggling with difficult legal issues.

Whatever your legal needs may be in South Florida, put your trust in more than 41 years of trial and mediation legal experience. Contact the law offices of Michael L. Lechtman, P.A., to schedule a consultation today.

 The law offices of Michael Lechtman, P.A. has recently added a new attorney to its staff  to better assist  its clients.  Having a young and energetic  addition to the attorney staff  will create  more opportunities  for success  and better outcomes  for clients of the firm.  It will also bring into play the latest  and most advanced  use  of new laws and courtroom techniques  to help  bring a case through the court system  with optimum results.  This is yet another of the improvements  that the law offices of Michael Lechtman, P.A.  is providing for its clients , and yet another reason why  you should choose  Michael  Lechtman  if you are contemplating a divorce. If you have a child custody matter ,  a post-divorce  modification , or an appeal  from an adverse ruling, you  can count  on Michael  Lechtman  to put in the utmost effort for you ,  drawing on years of experience and, now,  energetic young blood ,  to achieve the most favorable results in your case as possible.

Michael L. Lechtman, P.A., is your source for quality divorce and family law representation:

The Lechtman Approach

In practice for more than 35 years, Pembroke Pines divorce mediator, attorney, and experienced litigator Michael Lechtman has intentionally kept the firm small and nimble, able to react quickly to emerging legal developments without the huge overhead and layers of bureaucracy found at larger firms. His principles are based on customer service and personal attention for all clients, including a clear description of legal options.

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The certified family mediation attorney’s office of Michael Lechtman, P.A., is available today for a consultation. There are a variety of fee arrangements available, including contingency on certain cases. Contact Michael Lechtman today to schedule a complimentary appointment with an experienced and respected Florida family law attorney.

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