Drop-In Legal Services

The law office of Michael Lechtman is centrally located in North Miami Beach, just South of the intersection of I-95 and Miami Gardens Drive. With ample free parking, anyone with a legal question is welcome to come to the office without an appointment for a 15 minute consultation with Michael Lechtman for a nominal fee of $35. If your matter requires more time, or you have certain documents that you would like to have reviewed, that nominal fee would increase minimally to cover the time involved.

Over the years attorney Michael Lechtman has noticed the increasing frequency  with which people who are representing themselves pro se in their divorce case, or other legal matters, such as  contract, landlord – tenant,  civil lawsuits, or mediations, have called  Michael Lechtman on the telephone  to ask isolated questions of law or procedure that are holding them back  from successfully continuing their self representation.  Of course, it would not be appropriate for Michael  Lechtman to give isolated advice over the phone, not knowing the full picture  of the client's problem or legal situation.  Such advice  could actually be damaging to the client.  It is called "cocktail" advice ,which is frowned upon by the Florida Bar and all attorneys, because of its potentially damaging result. This is why the website clearly indicates that there cannot be any free  phone legal advice.  A consultation is a confusing term  for most lay people.  The definition of a consultation is the client telling the lawyer  what the legal problem is, and then the lawyer  telling the client if there is something  the lawyer could do to help, and what it might cost . Simply stated, that is a consultation . A consultation is not and can never be free legal advice.

Therefore, in order to  protect the client  and to answer the clients' questions  within a context  that is ethical and appropriate , and hopefully helpful,  Michael Lechtman is offering to allow  the citizens of Dade and Broward counties  to simply and easily come  to his  newly remodeled offices  and speak with him about their legal problems, face-to-face, for a nominal fee . For most people, this  simple  conference  would  eliminate  hours of frustrating legal research on the Internet  and endless phone calls to random attorneys ,  resulting in nothing but emotional  distress  and even more confusion .

This is a great opportunity for those of you  with extremely limited funds  to actually speak with an attorney about your legal problem or question  for a very nominal fee .  It would be like having your own family lawyer ,  without even the need for an appointment,  that only wealthy people can afford  to have  on an annual retainer .  If you are of limited resources, why not take advantage of this offer and put yourself on a par  with wealthy people  to have access  to legal advice  that could greatly assist you and put your mind at ease ?  Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of the Drop-in advice consultation services  offered by attorney  Michael  Lechtman .  If you want to make sure that he is in the office when you plan to drop in,  you can always  call him first  at 305-652-9500 .  The office  building  itself  is a neighborhood  office.  It was architecturally designed  33 years ago  for easy access ,  abundant free parking,  and a smiling friendly staff  to serve your needs.   Don't waste your time calling random lawyers  to try and get free legal advice .  It will never happen, nor should it happen, ethically.   Save yourself time and frustration  with your legal problem,  and simply stop by the friendly law offices of Michael  Lechtman  to have your legal questions answered  and your documents reviewed  by an attorney  who has  been practicing law for more than 41 consecutive years , and who has been in the same office building , in the same North Miami Beach location , for over 33 years .  Why go through life frustrated  and distressed over a legal problem?  Drop-in to see Michael Lechtman today to alleviate your worries.

Attorney Michael Lechtman wants to help all the citizens of Dade and Broward counties,  not just the few wealthy citizens who can afford  an attorney  with over 41 years of  hands-on and practical experience in law.  Now,  you also  can have access to that same experienced attorney  without even making an appointment .   All you have to do is Drop in to see attorney Michael  Lechtman  today  for thorough legal advice  at a very nominal  and affordable  fee.
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