Divorce Planning

Most people who are heading towards divorce fail to take even the simplest steps to prepare for the event. With just a little preplanning, a spouse could save him or herself tens of thousands of dollars, if not more money, with pre-divorce planning. In many cases there is no need to lament after the fact that a bad result was obtained, what a good result could be obtained instead had there been proper divorce planning. Think of it as built-in 20-20 hindsight. In many instances divorce planning could take place even in the middle of a good ongoing relationship, “just in case.” With upwards of 65% of all new marriages ending in divorce, why leave things to chance?

Not only will time and finances be saved, you could also benefit by the speeding up of the divorce process and save big money on attorneys fees and court costs. Another major benefit to predivorce planning is the saving of emotional energy and the prevention of unnecessary suffering. Divorce can have a devastating effect not only on the children in the marriage, but also on both husband and wife. In fact, the psychological distress generated by a divorce can have devastating consequences, not just by the mere fact of the separation of a former loved one, but by the presentation of a bleak future financially that could take many years, if ever, from which to recover. If your situation is right, good divorce planning can literally save lives, and make the life of you and your children much happier for years to come.

If you feel that a looming divorce is an evitable in your life, or even if you feel that you are uncertain that there might be a divorce, but you would like to be prepared “just in case,” then predivorce planning is essential for you. It involves asset protection and acquisition and disposition plan that would be unique to each person on a case-by-case basis. For example, let’s take an average man who owns three restaurant franchises. He has been married for 12 years and has two minor children. Maybe he thinks his wife doesn’t love him anymore, or maybe it’s just that the spark is, a lot of the marriage and that a divorce could be somewhere on the horizon. Since all of the restaurants were obtained during the marriage, they are a marital asset subject to equitable (starting point is 50 – 50) asset. Before hungry lawyers get a hold of the situation and destroy the businesses, perhaps one or two small business moves at that point could save the businesses. It could mean the difference between success and failure in life.

No two cases would be exactly the same when it comes to a predivorce plan. Most times close association with a certified public accountant or a forensic accountant would be also included in part of the package to put together a viable plan. It may even be that the plan could take several years to become effective, so why wait until the last moment, when it is too late?

At a reasonable fee for the service, Michael Lechtman may be able to save you big money, and even add emotional years to a happier life, while avoiding what could be needless mental anguish and suffering. There will always be some pain in a divorce. What if you could find a way that would lessen or eliminate the pain. It is certainly worth looking into, and it should be done not when you’re deciding to file a divorce case, but long before that.

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