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The law office of Michael Lechtman, P.A., offers a new approach from an experienced North Miami Beach appeals lawyer with over 50 reported opinions. This includes a reassessment of negative judgments in state and federal court related to:

  • Civil litigation
  • Family law and divorce
  • Real estate
  • Probate
  • Insurance disputes
  • Personal injury and wrongful death

It is important to remember that simply losing a case is not immediate grounds for appeal. An appeal is not just a retrial, it is a revisiting of issues of law that may have been overlooked. As a Hollywood appellate attorney, Michael Lechtman has developed a substantial appellate practice by successfully reviving cases that were lost through:

  • Procedural errors by the court
  • Legal malpractice
  • Mistakes related to points of law

A successful appeal at the state or federal level requires significant expertise in the structuring and presentation of legal arguments. Florida appellate attorney Michael Lechtman has earned a reputation among his peers and numerous referrals from other attorneys seeking a consultation on new strategies and techniques to revive a lost case. Attorney Lechtman has the comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws necessary to effectively refute the negative verdict based on the specific points of law which support the appeal and result in an overturned verdict.

Attorney Referrals

A trial attorney is not necessarily an effective appeals lawyer, capable of successfully investigating and presenting an appeal at all levels of the state and Federal courts. North Miami Beach appeals lawyer Michael Lechtman is available to consult with attorneys across Florida seeking a fresh perspective on current litigation.

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Contact Hollywoord, Florida, appellate attorney Michael Lechtman today for a complimentary consultation and review of your legal rights after a negative verdict. A lost case does not always merit an appeal but attorney Lechtman will be able to assess your case and determine if an appeal is both justified and worthwhile.

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North Miami Beach attorney Michael L. Lechtman offers comprehensive legal advice and litigation services to clients throughout southern Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Palm Beach, Hollywood and all of Dade and Broward County, FL.

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