30-Day Divorce

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30 Day Divorce

North Miami Beach divorce lawyer Michael Lechtman can help petitioners obtain a low-cost, quick divorce. With over 39 years of experience, Mr. Lechtman is dedicated to making the dissolution process as affordable and painless as possible. He has successfully completed 30-day divorces for eligible clients who agree on most divorce-related issues in communities including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Broward County.

30-Day Divorce Eligibility

A 30-day divorce should be distinguished from an uncontested divorce, in which a marital settlement agreement is required. A marital settlement agreement sets forth the terms under which the parties decide to divide assets, liabilities, or parental responsibilities. If the parties have resolved all of these issues, they may be eligible for a 30-day divorce. However, if the petitioners have minor or dependent children, additional supporting documents are required, and make it unlikely that a judgment can be completed in 30 days. The narrow time frame is best suited for spouses with no children or those who have completed the necessary financial affidavits and parenting plans to reach a final settlement involving child custody and support.

30-Day Process

After the parties have agreed on all divorce-related matters and fully cooperate in resolving these issues, one party begins dissolution proceedings by filing a petition in court. The petition for dissolution of marriage states that the marriage is irreparably broken and attests that there are no legal issues that need to be addressed. The spouse served with the petition then signs a response. Only couples who qualify for the simplified dissolution procedure can use this expedited process, which admits all the allegations in the petition and waives all legal rights. For example, both parties waive all rights to financial relief, eliminating the need for a financial affidavit, and ask that the final judgment be mailed to a given address in as early as 30 days after filing the papers in court.

Preparing and Filing Documents

Obtaining a final judgment of dissolution via an expedited procedure is only possible if all the necessary paperwork is in order. Although some may opt to proceed without an attorney, others choose to receive legal counsel at a dramatically lower fee. An experienced attorney can help:

  • Draft the divorce petition
  • Complete the correct response
  • Explain legal rights and waivers
    • Future financial disclosure
    • Alimony and child support
    • Division of assets, liabilities
  • Prepare documents dividing property
  • Evaluate eligibility for requested relief
  • Mediate between parties to resolve disputes

Coming to agreement on all divorce-related issues drastically cuts down on legal costs. In fact, court appearances and attorney’s fees may not be necessary. Experienced counsel can help you cultivate cooperation to reach such agreements, and can file the correct documents in court on your behalf.

Completing a 30-Day Divorce

If you require legal assistance in obtaining a 30-day divorce, South Florida family law attorney Michael Lechtman can help. For over 39 years, he has provided affordable legal service to qualifying petitioners throughout Florida. Mr. Lechtman assists clients at every step of the process, from filing the correct documents to receiving the final judgment. He also serves South Florida residents around the world in military divorce proceedings. Call (305) 652-9500 today for a consultation or contact us online.

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